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PD Exchange Summit as pre-Berlin event

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Gallery NANO will host a collaborative and interactive environment project under the name PD Exchange Summit. What lies hidden behind this name? PD stands for Pure Data, real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing. Exchange stands for a way of giving and receiving, making a loop or interaction. Summit stands for a meeting of the highest-level leaders. Connecting the three gives a great name that will strike funders, media and curious ones. Also it gives a reason to meet: to share PD patches, parts of the software that can be exchanged, build on, taken from, connected to or used for exchange of information. It takes a greatest level of importance as it is not a one man show where he or she shows the world what is going on, but in the act of sharing lies the true art.

Next diagram is showing why the event is done in gallery NANO. Also it shows what are connections between participating artist, ART01 project and where it’s other aspects, behind pure visual or multimedia art, are stored. I guess it takes all kind of hacks to make interactive, improvisational, “always work in progress” type of art work a credential its relatives of visual representational, object orientated artworks have.  Question is: can this be alternative to object orientated exhibitions, and can it be presented as such? And other pertinent question: how important is work to be done in NANO concerning influences on HZSU decisions on my possible health insurance and retirement funds help? What is the level of my decision and aspire to work there concerned autonomy, and what to hacking national funding to cover fear of being poor and helpless.

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