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Art project will follow my multidisciplinary artistic practices whatever they might be at given moment (multimedia artist, artivist (artist-activist), bureaucrat, nomad, lecturer/educator, musician, computer based artist…) and wherever they might take place (gallery, street, festival, theater, NGO space or other forms of events).

I will collect evidence or data about processes taking place during my artistic practices, and archive it so it can be presented in different ways. I will detect how did I obtain funding and put it in context with what am I supposed to do at given event. Events I will strive to be part of will be collaborative, self- organizing and with horizontal structure. Final outcome presented at the summer 2010 can vary in form – a blog, self interviews, map of travel, collected trivia while traveling, institutional and bureaucratic documentation, emails while setting up connections with anyone that will have me or my work presented. It will resemble a diary of my nomadic artistic practices.


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