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Negotiating ContentArt space and other specs of Berlin event

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ART01 will be presented in ContentArt gallery during Transart Institute’s second year students exhibition. Incorporating open-end, self-organized system into TIs presentation orientated system of gallery will have to take negotiating on aspects of space used for presenting artwork, noise pollution, ad-hoc collaborative practices, etc. For this purpose a detailed specifications of envisioned events are put down on paper, so they can be communicated to the TI administration and fellow students.

Next graph shows envisioned creative circles of ART01.

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In the centre is core group (number of participants and who they are is still negotiated and depends on many factors) that will work between themselves, but will also open space for interaction with anyone: gallery visitors, other groups that will come to the gallery, TI students… Core group, besides their internal creative processes of interaction and information exchange, is also mediating processes between other groups and actors. Their task is also to bring to open end process and self-organized spirit.

Second circle are TI students. As they have own works to present, consideration towards space, noise, actions has to be communicated. TI students communicate with core group in terms of collaborating between group members and their own projects and between events that will be done by external groups.

External groups are envisioned as ones working with new media and interactive approach with community in mind. Open source group can inform and educate on freeing our machines, wireless group on getting us connected peer to peer, food group on international food and group cooking, alternative media on small scale radio broadcasting, Internet audio and video broadcasting, circuit bending group on music improvisation and battery run audio equipment self production, VJ tools for real time video manipulation, etc…

Core group will at all times open new discussions concerning freedom of creativity, authorship, copyright, new technology and production in open end creativity. Discussions will be led on-line and p2p and outcomes will be documented and opened for everyone to comment or to take part.

Events to consider:

1. Linux install festival – free your computer: volunteer based Linux install event with  accompanying event: food, talks, drinks.

2. Radio broadcasting – free your media: small scale FM radio installing and experimental broadcast.

3. Audio and video streaming using open source software – free your network: create your own on-line radio and TV.

4. Food exchange – free your stomach: create food and make it art.

5. VJ/DJ party – participate in creating real time collaborative performances.

(Events can happen in different scale at different locations).


1. For core group: 2 tables 3 meters wide, 4 el. sockets for participant (12), Internet hub and wireless, 2 projectors, printer, audio and video equipment. Position: anywhere in the room where there is a wall that could be used as projection space at least 3×4 meters projection.

2. For external groups: chairs, wifi, el. sockets, projector, chairs.

All equipment, except chairs and tables will be brought by participants.

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System of art polution

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When looking on personal education and information exchange that helped me to became aware of the systems that art operates I have learned that education and academic approaches of dominant and hegemonic western principles created a background for creating superstar environment. In this diagram I am trying to see what influences created such a development.

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Timeline and strategical thinking

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One has to take in consideration low budget when thinking about self organized event. ART01 strives to bring core group of mediators from different countries that requires more hacking concerning funding. For ART01 a complex system of events that can co-fund ART01 is strategically organized. Sets of different approaches are considered for creating a TAZ from resources already available. One has to keep in mind that non of this resources (funders) had TAZ in mind.

This is the general idea of what might be interesting to have as open processes during ART01 in Berlin:

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To organize such an event people from Berlin and other countries are invited to help. It is a loose network created by trust and mutual trust from people who collaborated in this or that way.

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To create funding for core people to be part of ART01 this is envisioned time-line and events that are creating opportunities to share knowledge in the context of art events and gallery exhibitions:

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This is time-line in more details:

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ANT & ART operating systems

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With this diagram I wanted to sketch idea borrowed from those of Actor Network Theory. Multiple actors are connected in network where processes of power relation can be manipulated.

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Cultural invasion

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Musing on how art systems regulates artistic outputs furthering us from autonomy and how project orientated art system needs objects, needs to asses, needs to evaluate. Is cultural invasion making our culture the same, different only by local input of stereotypes?

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