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There is certain move from traditional visualization to data visualization I have to have in mind. When I was attending art academy I was drawing sketches and drawings. Now, as technology progressed in direction where we use tools that compute while making creative works, I am driven to make diagrams, relationships, mathematical equations not in numbers but in graphs.

So first I have to create visualization that would be representational of ART01 project. but how to represent something that is looking not to be representative art?


ART01 musing

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First of all I have to explain to myself what is it that I am doing and than I have to put it in format that will be understandable to others. I am moved to realize project ART 01 that will be overview of my understanding of art systems we are dealing with and how am I looking for autonomy by creating parallel or alternative art systems.

Second try to define ART01

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I am looking for the method of how to work around art project that follows my multidisciplinary artistic practices whatever they might be at given moment (multimedia artist, artivist (artist-activist), bureaucrat, nomad, lecturer/educator, musician, computer based artist…) and wherever they might take place (gallery, street, festival, theater, NGO space, etc).

  • I have successfully took part of couple self-organized “open process” events with collaborative outputs.
  • I have had been in constant contact with Ministry of Culture of Croatia and other funders to secure the fundings for further events.
  • I have been gathering documentations about my everyday life, my travels and bureaucratic operations I have to get involved with.
  • I have started taking video and audio material looking for different media to capture and document, but all seamed to fail to get the moments I was looking to represent.

My output was being documented on web-log trough photography and text. Research is being done in what kind of output would this material take shape, and what kind of tools could be used. All ideas seemed too narrow though, thats why I gave this material a tag ‘frozen in time’, as captured didn’t, and in my opinion couldn’t represent my need to consolidate art practices and ideas I was forming.

Sleeping and working place of artist in Manchester

Sleeping and working place of artist in Manchester


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