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Financial disasters: can autonomy work with no cash?

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To be skilful administrator is something funding and project orientated artist has to learn during production periods. More funders means bigger amount of time spent on administration, but can also mean bigger autonomy and chance to hack. Also it can mean bigger autonomy on artist idea, where one funder, especially if it is a big company, will easily create certain systems and boundaries, if not rules where art process should go.

ART01 in Berlin was depending a lot on Ministry of Culture Croatia co-funding. But as situation with global crisis is wide spread excuse this days, and with national debt similar to Greece, political elite got a good idea how to take measures to stop crisis: give less money to culture. So, from original sum, a 10% was donated to ART01 project. This sum is not enough to even bring one participant to Berlin. This situation calls for administrative funding actions on all fields. Run for cash has started! Instead of looking for one bigger source ART01 will look for more smaller ones. Problems arising from this tactics is that all funding bodies are giving money for similar costs: travel and accommodation. As one has to prove with bills all the cost, some hacking and art-ministration will be required to get funds for other expenses such as costs for other participants, production, per-diems, etc.

Following two diagrams show what are good value vs. bad value funders, and what is stressed when writing applications with what funder. Another diagram shows how applications will be written but cash will flow to other costs.

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