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Food Crisis, event in Prague

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Forgotten foods from hungary

Food Crisis is third part of the series of Crisis Mania project with events happening in Check, Hungary and Slovakia. First two were observing housing and travelling crisis in modern society. It is project made possible by involvement of many organizations working in the field of art, technology, urban culture and self-sustainability. Event was originally thought of as meeting point for exchange of knowledge and artistic questioning of routines, norms and patterns of today’s society. People were encouraged to think of plants and seeds that are mainly forgotten in today’s industrial food production (like nettle). Collective food preparing was introduced and food sharing was organized where each participant brought their food with them. Other part of the event was making the sound by cooking and mixing of this two disciplines. Prague non for profit venues and organizations were involved, like art magazine A2 and venue Školska.

Collaborative food preparing and eating

Cooking and making music at the same time

Again, to prepare such an event with international participants and without firm commercial plan this kind of collective and participatory event had to be thought of on different fields and had to serve as a vehicle for more than just stage for evening performances and day workshops. Further actions were discussed and plans made. Somewhere a common feeling of lack of structure that brings messy event time-line is something participants are looking forward or fearing. Some yearn for more structure, some like its organic development. Overall, and event that follows more or less conscious group interaction that brings experimental art out of realm of individual and singular signature work.

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