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NEGOTIATING ART01 EVENT: TI administration, mentors and fellow students

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Proposal for TI administration, mentors and fellow students:

Researching autonomy in art operating systems has brought me to the following conclusion: producing an actual event consisting of transdisciplinary activities (that are initiated by the participants and developed in a horizontal and self-organizing fashion) is the only way that I can present the complexity of the social and group topography of such an event. Documenting previous projects and exhibiting the documentation (in any media) allocates observers into the position of consumer, while I am interested in negotiating participatory positions. Creating an art-lab system is the only way in which I can accurately demonstrate the proposed participatory work flow and its consequent outcomes.

An alternative system to TI final exhibition is proposed where the existing system of presenting students’ work (i.e. work exhibited in an individual fashion) would be partially replaced by an art-lab system where group(s) of collaborators would create actions (workshops, real rime performances, art actions…) that would circulate from one participant to another in order to be changed, added on, or removed from. The method that would suit the envisioned art-lab is one offered by Donald Schön: one that incorporates “learning, reflection and change”. In relation to the art-lab this would mean: action, reflection in action and reflection on action. To keep the flow of ideas open and to create flow between participants, actions will be introduced through an improvisatory bricolage approach to creativity that happens in real time.

According to Castoriadis’ concept of self-instituted autonomy, this group should use critical self- and social- reflection, to consider its “motives, its reasons for acting, its deep-seated tendencies”, in order to facilitate a distributed creativity and non-authorship that emphasises not independence but interdependence. The focus on collaborations and non-authorship comes from the idea that one, solitary, individual creator tends towards a self-centred and egoistical pre-occupation that results in confrontation, rivalry and competition, which are in turn necessary qualities for the functioning of neo-liberal society.

Improvisation – practice of acting, singing, talking and reacting, of making and creating, in the moment and in response to the stimulus of one’s immediate environment and inner feelings.
Synchronism – Coincidence in time; simultaneity.


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