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Horizontal distribution at EEII’09 festival

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Experimental Electronic Intervention (EEII) is an event that has 6 years of existence worked on self-organized principles. It’s main organizational principles are:
1. there is no audience: event is organized so everyone could take part in creative process;
2. there is no one organizer, everyone helps in organization, organization and curatorial process is collaborative;
3. there is no final exhibition, but what matter is a process of creativity;
4. focus is on collaborative work and distancing the process from individual representations and authorship.

EEII’09 was focused on collaborative work where ideas of every participant would be connected into one “organism”. It was 12 hours event (during December 2009), where participants went trough proposing their individual projects, to connecting them into jointed event, to realizing real time performances that were similar to Fluxus events in their free flow.

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Above drawing is a sketch used to show loop of informations flow from one to other artist. There is a suit with light sensors that reflect on light conditions in the space, sending the sound over FM transmitter to radio receiver. This one is connected to computer and mixer where sound is additionally worked on. From here it is send to another computer with arduino board that controls lights in the room. Another computer with camera is filming actor with the suit and trough computer this image is mixed with other images and is beamed on the wall. Actor can move according to the light input, sound input or mixed image displayed behind him/her.


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