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Neoliberal University?

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[NetBehaviour] Fwd: The University is Ours – Call for Participation – Toronto April 27-29
*A Conference on Struggles Within and Beyond the Neoliberal University*
*April 27-29, 2012*
*Toronto, Ontario*

The university belongs to us, those who teach, learn, research, counsel, clean, and create community. Together we can and do make the university work. But today this university is in crisis. The neoliberal restructuring of post-secondary education seeks to further embed market logic and corporate-style management into the academy, killing consultation, autonomy and collective decision-making. The salaries of university presidents and the ranks of administrators swell, but the people the university is supposed to serve — students — are offered assembly-line education as class sizes grow, faculty is over-worked, and teaching positions become increasingly precarious. International students and scholars seeking post-secondary or graduate education are treated as cash cows rather than as people who might contribute to both research and society. Debt-burdened students are seen as captive markets by administrators, while faculty is encouraged to leverage public funds for private research on behalf of corporate sponsors.

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