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When sharing helps companies

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News from The Associated Press

Facebook and most other social networks are built on the premise that just about everything should be shared -except the money those posts produce.

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July 27th, 2014 at 12:00 pm

Cybernetics and scrutiny

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Cybernetics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cybernetics is the interdisciplinary study of the structure of complex systems, especially communication processes, control mechanisms and feedback principles. Cybernetics is closely related to control theory and systems theory, but both in its origins and in its evolution in the second-half of the 20th century, cybernetics is equally applicable to social (that is, language-based) systems.

Cybernetics is always and only involved when the system under scrutiny is involved in a closed loop, where action by the system in an environment causes some change in the environment AND that change is manifest to the system via information/feedback that causes changes in the way the system then behaves, and all this in service of a goal or goals. This “circular causal” relationship is necessary and sufficient for a cybernetic perspective.

What is cybernetic art today? If back in 68 and before computer (analogue than digital) have been used to loop process for feedback that was used to calculate event of the next loop. In this way cybernetics didn’t change.

‘When the energetic strength of one of the signals is relatively small, we call it feedback, but the generalization (specially when the interest is in information rather than energy) is circularity. I even go so far as to argue that all systems are circular: linear causality is, then, when the “feedback” is so weak we don’t bother with it.’

More interesting things that have changes, and are changing, is social aspect of how in history small amount of people used cybernetics to promote computer based loops in society. Today computers are promoting looping and feedbacking to society. Systems that are under scrutiny and that are put into loops are people, society, consumers, voting body, etc. If we observe that cybernetics are observing complex systems, ‘especially communication processes’, than we have to recognize todays communication processes where in Rio da Jeneiro favela of 80 000 people there is 80 cybercafes where children spend day and night on Orcut (Brasilian popular Facebook like social web application). They are not making loops to observe, but are in the system and are beeing looped to be observed.

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September 20th, 2008 at 10:38 am

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