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and | mark shepard

AND is of course diversity, multiplicity, the destruction of identities. It’s not the same factory gate when I go in, and when I come out, and then when I go past unemployed. A convicted man’s wife isn’t the same before and after the conviction. But diversity and multiplicity have nothing to do with aesthetic wholes (in the sense of ‘one more,’ ‘one more woman’. . . ) or dialectical schemas (in the sense of ‘one produces two, which then produces three’). Because in those cases it’s still Unity, and thus being, that’s primary, and that supposedly becomes multiple. 

When Godard says everything has two parts, that in a day there’s morning and evening, he’s not saying it’s one or the other, or that one becomes the other, becomes two. Because multiplicity is never in the terms, however many, nor in all the terms together, the whole. Multiplicity is precisely in the ‘and’ which is different in nature from elementary components and collections of them.

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