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Technophilia vs technophobia

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Two extreems – relationship of communication over the cofy and over the mobile phone.

Technophilia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Technophilia and technophobia are the two extremes of the relationship between technology and society. The technophobe fears or dislikes technology, often regarding some or all technology with fear. This may be as a consequences of fear of change, a prior catastrophic experience with technology or because it may lead to a process of dehumanization. The technophile sees most or all technology as positive, adopting technology enthusiastically, and seeing it as a means to potentially improve life and combat social problems.

Technophobia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Technophobia is the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers.[1] The term is generally used in the sense of an irrational fear, but others contend fears are justified. It is the opposite of technophilia.

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