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labour makes you autonomus

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Capital attempts to maximise exploitation either ’absolutely’ (by
extending the working day) or ’relatively’ (by raising the intensity or
productivity of labour). But workers, both in daily practice and
organised struggle, persistently initiate their own, very different
project. Seeking a secure, full, plenitudinous life that escapes the
reduction to mere labour-power, they set in motion a counter-logic that
defies capital’s by either forcing up the wage level or lowering the
duration and pace of the working day. These efforts by workers to
reclaim the values they themselves have produced are not merely
’economistic,’ but strike at capital’s intrinsically political command
over labour-power. The horizon to which they point is the separation of
labour from capital. Ultimately ; capital needs labour, but labour does
not need capital.
Labour, as the source of production, can dispense
with the wage relation : it is potentially autonomous.

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August 20th, 2008 at 5:11 pm

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