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Textil{e}tronics in Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia

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From textile to electronic thread, from substance to fashion item

02.03.2012. – 01.04.2012.
Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia 


‘Let’s now delve deep into the fluff’
Massimo Banzi, Getting Started with Arduino

‘Following the development of a simple thread into complex new media objects, the exhibition will touch upon recent developments in the areas of wearable technology and electronic sculpting through lumino light objects and the presentation of Arduino microcontrollers.

Dealing with sculptural textile (J. Štefanec) and electronic thread (A. Klančić), designed substance and new meanings of objects (P. Dona), as well as socially responsible textile art (M. M. Pungerčar), the exhibition presents an overview of contemporary new media directions and questions the meaning of the medium as such. The social and emacipatory aspects of textile arts are clear – they invoke thoughts of industrial manufacturing, DIY subculture and self-sustained systems, especially in relation to recent similar developments in the fields of open source and wearable technology (Arduino, Body Pixel Studio).

The thread as a seemingly fragile, but basically all-pervasive, almost indestructible matter, and the wire as a conductor and an arbiter of electrons are hereby linked. Juxtaposed in a way, the materials provide the cohesive narrative for the objects presented. The exhibition examines this link from the microscopic amorphous shape and suppleness of the material, all the way to the subtle robustness of the objects. Mechanic perfection, be it the human body or a machine, is not a prerogative here, since the delightful awkwardness of mechanics does not comply with the projected reality. The uncertainty of the performance which accompanies every new-media art process, is quite well suited to the fragility of the textile thread.’
Text by Deborah Hustic

Guerilla knitters: Una Bauer, Ana Dadić a.k.a. ŠtrikAna, Vana Gaćina, Ivana Ivković, Antonija Letinić, Maja Kalogera, Marijana Rimanić, Maša Žarnić.

Curator: Deborah Hustić

DIY Arduino by Davor Jandrijević Emard

Curator’s assistant & organizer: Ana Kovačić
Design: Petra Zlonoga
Music: Kruno Jošt



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scradioworkshop.JPGStudent Center in Zagreb is opening an intenret radio soon. Radio will work as a platform for all the people who want to participate in creative process of making the free radio program.

From 25th of May to 01th of June workshops for interested technicians, editors and researchers are held in SC gallery.
Chek for the experimental streams every evening from 20 h. Program and workshops are helped by friendly network ‘Free Radio: Station M.I.R.’

All are invited to send their audio works on CDs on this adress:
n/r Silvija Stipanov
Savska 25
10 000 Zagreb

All types of audio works are invited, but preferred are radio shows in length of 30 minutes, jingles and sketches. See more at

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May 28th, 2007 at 3:15 pm

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Make a Music Track for a Documentary

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[photopress:bscap001_1.jpg,full,pp_image]Become a part of the collaborative team – make music for a movie or movie for a music.

We need a music track for a documentary about free media/free radio/free culture in Brazil. The track needs to have a hiphop steady rythm, it should be slower, and without lirics. A few scratches would be nice and a rough and raw feeling.
It should be beetween 2 and 3 minutes.
Movie FM Brazil will be finished in december under CreativeCommons licence by-sa/2.5

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