Multimedia Camp hosting MAD

Mobile Art Dome was erected at Multimedia Camp in Deringaj near Gračac during August 2014.

Rural area, fresh water, natural surrounding and river Otuča gave MAD participants a lot to work with.

MAD hosted conferences, workshops and gave a meeting point for activities.

More on MMK14 activities read here >>


Silba Environment Hosting Mobile Art Dome

Cultural event going by the name Silba Environment hosted MAD at the top of the island known for its policy against cars.

Enjoying slow summer days we worked on MAD design for our summer edition.

During the day Free Travelling Radio workshops examined again interaction of people with old-school interventions in local radio ether.

Great thnx to MAVENA crew for hosting us and supporting our programme.


MAD @ Clubture Forum in Međimurje

Mobile Art Dome hosted forum of the Clubture (Union of the Independent Cultural Organizations in Croatia) with a program that included talks, presentations, short documentaries, newcomers session, performances, interactive installations and musical happening.

Together with many Clubture organizations coming from all over the Croatia, local art organization HDLUM (Croatian Association for Visual Arts, Međimurje) was participating with its artists.

UKE organized recycling/upcycling workshop generating yet another generation of interesting geek garden.

MobileArtDome video

MobileArtDome from GentleJunk on Vimeo.

MAD hosts Hackaton and RecycledArtDome

From 21th to 24th May MobileArtDome is situated at Technology Museum in Zagreb hosting Hackaton and RecycledArtDome programs.

Many are invited to share their thought process, starting projects, giving workshops or finalizing their works with the help of others.

Planting in cases recycled out of  old and redundant technology was one of the many fun moments in the front of the museum.

People passing by on the busy street of Savska were coming in. A special guest interested in geodesic dome shared his passion – electric bicycle that drives up to 65 km/h. A great alternative for city driving, he says. We took a photo of it in front of our solar panels.

Technology Museum is a great space, but people passing by are not used to open space/open workshops concepts we offered. this brought less people we expected, but the ones who came were braver in their  ideas and participation.

Spajalica video of MAD

Thanks to Spajalica crew a dynamic video of the process in Rijeka can be seen here:

MAD at Rijeka, a photolog

MobileArtDome media from Rijeka

Rijeka experience is mediated trough press at Croatian Radio Rijeka:

Novi list:

and on multimedia portal of Rijeka City:

Time slider from Titanpad online collaboration can be found here:

Free Traveling Radio workshop interviews audio find here

Free Traveling Radio workshop at MAD

Mobile Art Dome hosted today a Free Travelling Radio workshop where a special construction was created – a battery, inverter, radio transmitter, mixer, microphone – small travelling radio. Radio ready to go.

Culturology students conducted a series of interviews with citizens around Mobile Art Dome asking a crucial question “What is culture?”

Workshops attracting people at Rijekas dock

Karolina’s Riječka dock is public space offering MAD a perfect opportunity to interact with passers by.  Workshops are informal and attract many people. “What is going on here” is frequent question”. Sunny Rijeka, after the nights rain is becoming a bussy place.




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