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Pixelache Festival 2013 with its theme of Facing North Facing South profiles the work of the Bricolabs mailing list, an independent and dynamic network of people absorbed with sharing, DIY, open source software, hardware and environmental sustainability living in various localities across the world whose online and offline exchange of heterogeneous practices and ideas have driven the network since its formation in 2006.

Bricolabs’ Exhibition

Where: Suvilahti ‘Square’ (location to be confirmed), free entrance!
Opening: Thursday 16.5. at 19.00
Exhibition dates: 17.-26.5., from Wednesday to Sunday 13.00 – 18.00

Three shipping containers will host workshops and artworks made by various members of Bricolabs: A ‘brico-archive’ corner assembled by Gabriele Asbesto, including diverse documentation on processes, including “how-to’s”, video works, texts and brico-objects; A nearby graffiti wall will provide an evolving open canvas for demonstration and exchange of concepts, ideas and views; An interactive installation – Vjing Nature – created by Ivan Henriques & Kasia Molga and Erik Overmeire will invite us to address inter-connections between sensor technology, data vis and microbiology; In addition, the Sensorium project from Salvador de Bahia will be presented on video. Collaborative curation; visual design: Kruno Jost.

Bricolabs’ Conference

Where: Happi, Sörnäisten rantatie 31 (till 16.00) and Eesti MajaSörnäisten rantatie 22 (from 16.30),  free entrance!
When: Friday 17.5, 10.00 – 19.00

With two decades of mailing lists and related cultural practices, we have seen networks rise, disintegrate, or become rather resilient. Long term contributors to lists like bricolabs may see the network as an affective element that not only enables free sharing of information and concepts, but also expresses degrees of belonging to a hybrid of social relations, sets of idea(l)s and physically bound practice. The idea of network culture also builds on peer to peer collaborative approaches enshrined within free and open software communities.  Since these lists and networks are on one level placeless, if not unbound of places, the question is – belonging where? What kind of ‘bind’ is this affective relationship, and how does it configure place relations, and ultimately, another way of looking at geopolitics? Can networked practices be both grounded in various localities and unbound simultaneously, growing stronger as they mutually configure?

Camp Pixelache in Naissaar 18-19.5

Camp Pixelache 2013 is held on 18-19 May. Except for the keynote lecture planned in advance, typically like at unconferences, the agenda will be created by the attendees at the beginning of the event. Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a given topic can claim a time and a space. Our curated themes for the Festival are emerging as Creative Development (North-South, Tallinn-Helsinki & other relations), Virtuality, Resonance, Anti-disciplinarity, Waste, Techno-ecologies, and Control. Welcome to be inspired by these or introduce other topics into the Camp!

We have invited Mary Mellor to give a keynote presentation on Naissaar. Mary Mellor is a Social Science Professor at Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), who has a long-standing interest in alternative, green and feminist economics. Within the concert hall and related buildings open workshops can also be organised.

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