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Recycling and ecology

Fourth day of MAD at Spajalica program of Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka was about recycling and urban gardening. Old bottles were used to create hanging gardens.





A day with seed bombs

Seed bombs workshop was gradually getting bigger, with few participants, some bombs were made. Tomorrow more is promised.

Inside of the dome is getting nicer too. LED lights of only 3 watts are giving enough light and consuming much less battery power than conventional light bulb would.

An evening with Bucky Fuller

We thought that MAD’s first evening would be nice to spend with the father of geo dome, Bucky Fuller. So we played couple of animations and docus. Crowd gathered to witness. No comments, many know of him, many want the dome, many had plans to build one.


MAD blog opened

MobileArtDome blog is open to archive the exhibitions, camps and festivals that it will initiate/participate at.  MAD already had two workshops – building up at Mursko Središće and setting as art-lab at Zadar. Have a look at photo-logs of 2013.



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