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MAD hosts Hackaton and RecycledArtDome

From 21th to 24th May MobileArtDome is situated at Technology Museum in Zagreb hosting Hackaton and RecycledArtDome programs.

Many are invited to share their thought process, starting projects, giving workshops or finalizing their works with the help of others.

Planting in cases recycled out of  old and redundant technology was one of the many fun moments in the front of the museum.

People passing by on the busy street of Savska were coming in. A special guest interested in geodesic dome shared his passion – electric bicycle that drives up to 65 km/h. A great alternative for city driving, he says. We took a photo of it in front of our solar panels.

Technology Museum is a great space, but people passing by are not used to open space/open workshops concepts we offered. this brought less people we expected, but the ones who came were braver in their  ideas and participation.


Recycling and ecology

Fourth day of MAD at Spajalica program of Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka was about recycling and urban gardening. Old bottles were used to create hanging gardens.




A day with seed bombs

Seed bombs workshop was gradually getting bigger, with few participants, some bombs were made. Tomorrow more is promised.

Inside of the dome is getting nicer too. LED lights of only 3 watts are giving enough light and consuming much less battery power than conventional light bulb would.

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