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ZAVOD K6/4, Ljubljana




18. 11. 2013 ob 18h Uvodno predavanje

21. 11. - 22. 11. 2013 od 17.00 h – 19.00 h Delavnice recikliranja

23. 11 .2013 od 10.00 h – 14.00 h Delavnice recikliranja

Exhibition preparing:

24. - 27. 11.

Exhibition opening:

27 . 11.


In this year we are starting more actively the program named Reciklarna which focuses on reusing computers and electronics. As we have noticed people in Slovenia are not informed good enough about detailed consequences of the disposal of computer equipment at inappropriate places and the dangers of some of the metals used in computer equipment and conscientiousness in need of recycling. Further, it seems that people in Slovenia are not clear in what ways hardware can be recycled and re-used. Therefore, we believe that artistic actions are necessary. We were thinking about the project ReciklArt based on the idea that practically any part from electronic devices can be re-used in an artistic or innovative way. There are only two preconditions: right knowledge and the imagination. Thus, the project is to recycle disused computer equipment in the operating generators or modifiers of sound, images, and other socio-cultural links that are increasingly being found in digital form.


With computer-related industry accelerating into the future with ever magnifying speeds, what we are left with is debris and “old” technology to be trashed or stored at attics and back of closets. Better graphic and instantaneous interactivity require stronger software and better hardware. What to do with things that get slow, old, out of fashion? Recycle, yes, but how? How can I recycle my motherboard if I am not computer genius, geek or mad scientist? What do I do with old computer case, or CD sleeves? How do I recycle mouse or keyboard.

This questions marked beginning of our research into group genius recycling design. What we decided we would like to do is recycle computers and paraphernalia for usages that don’t acquire electrical power or software. Also, by observing unhealthy diet of people not spending a lot of AFK, we have decided that our recycling goes into direction of creating a combination of healthy and rich environment for ECO-conscious urban computer user.

Green Reciklarna is ECO garden for home use. It is a garden for healthy diet during all seasons. It observes and appreciated permaculture with ayurvedic and macrobiotic style of healthy cuisine's food supplements. It uses all parts: computer cases, computer mice, keyboards, CD cases, any sort of old and trashed IT equipment without 1 Watt of electricity.






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