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Organisation Urban Culture and Education is established in 2003 in Croatia. The main interest of UKE lies in the field of environmental art, socially engaged art, new media, autonomy and sustainability. UKE is developing a platform for transdisciplinary research in arts and science through participative practices. It is a member in Clubture network since 2003 and of Croatian Film Association since 2004, together with national and international projects and partnerships give it a broad spectre of activities. It regularly organizes workshops on arts and science trough DIY practices, free and open culture, artists exchange, artist residencies, exhibitions, interventions and hybrid art environments. Each year UKE organizes an event Experimental Electronic Interventions and artist in residency program Multimedia Camp. Also, UKE manages net-label for experimental music and sound art GentleJunk NetLabel. In the past members produced or curated various performances and exhibitions, e.g. Bricolabs exhibition at Pixelache festival, Helsinki; Beyond Borders, collaborative exhibition at Scheier Gallery, Čakovec; Mobile Art Dome at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka; Geek's Garden eco art, Zavod K6/4, Ljubljana.

At the moment UKE's focus is to develop residential programs for artists, scientists and other experts that have their focus on environmental art, autonomy, collaboration, community, sustainability, new technology and renewable energy. The intention is to foster collaborative creativity and transdisciplinarity throughout the working process in order to point to important environmental and social issues.

UKE provides needed infrastructure for the artists & scientists residence program and production in the rural region of Gračac in Croatia, in natural landscape of hills, woods and pastures with natural water springs and rivers. Residency center is less than 50 kilometres from the Adriatic see, but is far enough from summer coast throng for residents to have quiet time in the untouched nature. Its surroundings gives opportunity to have time for oneself to reflect, but also to plunge into local community and collaborate on social, political, environmental, economical and anthropological issues.

Each year UKE will host up to 4 artists in the residence program and actively involve them in local community development. Each residency will last up to 3 months and will be coordinated by the organizations staff. Additionally UKE is responsible for the organization of an un-conference (once a year) - a public event that develops new structure of the public that actively participates in the program of the event. The agenda of the un-conference is created by all the participants at the beginning of the meeting. Everybody is encouraged to initiate a discussion on a specific topic and claim a time and a space for it. The unconference opens the place for discussions rather than exposing one speaker ex catedra giving a talk. Also UKE prepares an exhibition of produced artworks during the project period that will be distributed through the partnering organizations in the EU. All of the activities will contribute to the development of an eco art community, where participants build the needed infrastructure for work and energy sources.

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