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Tropixel Festival

Tropixel Festival - Art, Science, Technology and Society will bring together artists, scientists, activists and researchers from different parts of Brazil and the world in Ubatuba. It will be held from 21 to 25 October 2013, concurrently with the National Week of Science and Technology. Call for Participation

We are receiving proposals from individuals, collectives or organizations anywhere in Brazil or the world who want to integrate Tropixel programme. We´ll accept from sketches to projects already under development in many formats: workshops, urban interventions, workgroups, hacking sessions, video screenings, art shows, field research, etc… We´ll choose proposals that best promote the dialogue between art, science, technology and society and seek to reverberate in the reality of Ubatuba. Each proposal must be associated with at least one of the themes of Tropixel (Environments, People and Things). Proposals may be associated with organizations and communities in the city: community associations, NGOs on defense of marine fauna, technical schools, traditional communities, organizations dedicated to sustainability and permaculture, cultural producers, researchers and activists.

Each case will be studied individually by Tropixel comitee to seek the best possible composition of collaborations. There is no preset limit on the number of entries allowed per individual, group or organization (we just expect some common sense in this regard).


Tropixel Festival is seeking financial and structural support from different partners and organizations. Depending on the success of these partnerships, we can provide funding for tickets, accomodation and meals for proponents of some among the approved projects. We also accept direct contributions and suggestions of ways to fund projects. Proposals that require invitation letter can be ordered directly through the contact form. See also more information about travelling, accommodation, weather and food in Ubatuba. Send your proposal!

Please fill the application form. The selection will be made by the organizing committee of Tropixel. In the event of different proposals with similar or related subjects, the commission shall take the liberty to propose the combination or collaborative development of them. The sooner your proposal is sent, the more time we will have to assess it, plan its development and find partnerships. Proposals submitted after the day 01/09/2013 won´t be accepted!


Environments: Nature, city, models, public policies. Digital mapping, sustainability, creative economy, internet of things, transparency, open data, energy, collective environmental management, permaculture, collaboration and participation, digital cities.

People: Culture, education, creativity, science, mobility, entrepreneurship. Living culture, people of the land, traditional knowledge, mobility, exchange, community-based tourism, artivist, citizen science, activism, urban intervention, cicloculture, tourism countercyclical, local clusters.

Things: Transformation, natural resources, waste, technological devices. gambiarra (Brazilian kludging), 3R, e-garbage and MetaReciclagem, maker scene, digital manufacturing and remanufacturing, repair culture, autonomous generation of energy, computers, satellites, sensors.


Tropix geo-dome

Tropix geo-dome is a project that combines all tree Tropixel themes. It focuses on collaborative practices and participation, provides a (portable/mobile) place where (informal) education and knowledge exchange takes place through inclusion of communities in a form of urban interventions with transdisciplinary strategies and gambiarra practice.

The idea is to build a wooden geo-dome structure which is easy to reassemble, thus it is mobile. Covering of the dome is done trough participation of Tropixel folk and local interesants that will harvest and recycle building materials (old wooden boards, plastic coverings, palm leaves, etc) in Ubatuba and neighborhood.

Tropix geo-dome is a place where people can meet, exchange knowledge or skills, discuss social/economic/environmental issues and construct ways how to deal with them. It is a structure that travels to area where people gather in order to discuss and solve local issues together - as a community.

Possible partners

Together with Escola Técnica de Ubatuba, Secretaria do Meio Ambiente de Ubatuba, Technical School of Ubatuba and other interested organizations and individuals

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