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Articulating the scientific principles of ecology.

- art is granted to exploit innumerable communicative components of personality such as charm, intimidation, humour, fear, shock, seduction, cleverness, etc.

- questions :

ecology: how did it get this way?

Art: Why did it get this way? How Should it be?

- questionare:

1. the things that belog exclusively to me

2. the environment i consciously pay attention to consist of

3. I am most familiar with the following parts of my environement

4. when I envision the environement I imagine

5. my dominant menas of interaction with the environemnt are

6. today's environemnt is

7. the facts that most influence my impressions of the environment are:

8. the categories of people who most significantly impact environemt are:

9. I anticipate the following about the future of the envirnemtnet

10. my environment is

11. my environemtn is my:

How do you demonstrate your enironmental concerns:

- avoid eating meat - gardemn organically - conserve enrgy - recycle swap - reuse - repair - purchase product certified as green - feed or shelter wildlife - avoid packiging - share envirmenntal information - participate in local environmental activities - use biogradable and nonpoluting clensingproducts - visit bothanical gardens - travel as an eco tourist - hike and bicycle instead of fly and drive - carpool - collect littter

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