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Contact name (country/residence): Kruno Jošt, Maja Kohek, Danijela Zoroja (Croatia / Slovenia)

Organisation/association: UKE


Title of contribution: MobileArtDome

Type of contribution: Other: Environment for transdisciplinary practices

2-3 Sentences describing contribution: Mobile Art Dome is complete off-the-grid environmental artistic mobile unit. It consists of geodesic dome tent made out of wood and canvas. Participants learn how to assemble a geodesic dome (8 meters in diameter and 3.6 high) and learn basic structure and maths of the dome. When dome is constructed it is open for different usage – evening cinema presenting freedom practices in the world, pirate radio workshop with open microphone, recycling, sprouting, food and health workshops, all included. Dome is electrically powered by solar panels. Assembling is cca 3 hours with 8 participants.

Length of time desired: duration of the camp

If workshop/exercise/expedition,for whom, how many participants, prior knowledge required?: for all wiling to learn on transdiciplinary practices, off-grid, DIY food,electronics etc. MAD works on combining the workshops and knowledge mentioned with DIY creativity. No prior knowledge, tending to everyones needs, working on mediating collaborative experiances.

Relevant link(s):

Particular needs or resources from the island?: -

Do you wish to ask for regional travel support? (+state how & where from): We are coming from Croatia by van, so all the support would be helpful including financial and invite letter (some 2000km one way)

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