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Kruno Jošt

Rasoja 10, 53244 Lovinac, Croatia

00385958144415 (accessible via Signal)

Jošt questions assumed cultural roles by engaging artistic practices that include participation, collaboration, out-of-gallery and public space presentation and practices that are concerned with “other-than-human-person”. After obtaining MFA in new media art at TransArt Institute, Berlin, where he was researching “Art Operating Systems”, Jošt is developing practice that he refers to as “Gesamtkunstwerk”, a total work of art that includes humans and non humans.

Jošt is one of the founders of Culture and Education Association (UKE) focusing on international collaboration, exchange and networking in transdisciplinary practices connecting consciousness, ecology, environment, art and technology. He was also editor of “MegaZine04 -Magazine for Reality Hacking” in Zagreb, Croatia. He received Croatian Ministry of Culture award for best collaborative electronic audio work in 2007. and first prize for best locative collaborative work at festival in Belo Horizonte in Brazil 2009. His independent research includes OIEAUS (relation of art and renewable energy) and MobileArtDome (mobile hybrid cultural space). Recent exhibitions include BBD, Berlin, MZA Ecoworld, Bangalore India, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia. Jošt is living and working at the ongoing art project “Center for Creative Solutions” (C4CS), off-the-grid premises in rural countryside.


  Master of fine Art in New Media Art, 2008 - 2010, Transart Institute, Berlin
  Gerrit Rietvield Kunst Akademie, Free Direction Department, 1996 - 1998, Amsterdam
  Art Academy Zagreb, 1993-1996, Zagreb.


  Autonomy in Art Operating System(s)

  Beyond the Reach - Map Your Way Out

Research experience

  Center for Creative Solutions, 2015 – present, Lovinac, Croatia. 
    Ongoing independent research on off-the grid, permaculture and sustainability relations to art and cultural production, Lovinac, Croatia.
  16 channels / 16 kanala, 2014 – 2017, Varaždin, Croatia. 
    Independent 3 year research in sound surround and multi-channel sound environment. 
  MAD – Mobile Art Dome, 2014 – 2015, Varaždin/Gračac, Croatia. 
    Independent research that established background for Mobile Art Dome project - a mobile art gallery and art lab visiting more than 15 cities and 4 countries with exhibitions, workshops, presentations, concerts and lectures.
  Renewable Energy Sources in Autonomous Art Systems, 2014, Varaždin, Croatia. 
    Independent research, leading towards MAD. 
  Transdisciplinarity and Art Lab, 2014, Varaždin, Croatia. 
    Independent research, leading towards MAD. 
  Mobile Art Lab,  2011 – 2013, Čakovec, Croatia. 
    Part of two year EU project “New Media Cross-Border” where I was leading and supervising a research team of 12, at Autonomous Center Čakovec,  with workshops, study visits, festival and courses in culture management, PR and networking.
  HERA Expert Seminar: “Screening the Sublime”, 2012, Plymouth, UK.

This Expert Seminar was intended to share research findings of a three year EU research project ‘Technology, Exchange and Flow’ funded by HERA (ESF).

  Autonomy in Art Operating System(s), 2010, Transart Institute, Berlin, Germany.
    Master thesis research under supervision of Dr. Geoff Cox.

Exhibitions & performances


“Nature Like” site specific installation @ C4CS, Lovinac,


“Mobile Sound Fertilizer” site specific sound installation @ Stützpunkt ​Teufelsberg, Berlin;

“Sound Fertilizer” @ Tiefgarage Galery, Cologne;


“Ecocentric” site specific sound installation @ RMZ EcoWorld, Bangalore, India;

“16 Channel Sound Fertilizer (Sound Garden)” site specific sound installation @ Silba Art Environement, Silba, Croatia;

“Sound Fertilizer” sound installation @ Büro für Bestimmte Dinge, Berlin;


“Close Encounters” interactive sound installation, CultureHouse Gallery, Lovinac, Croatia;


“16C”, ImproCon, Kumrovec;

“16 channels” site specific installation @ Invisible Cities festival, Gorizia, Italy;

“MobileArtDome” site specific installation, Hibrid City, Karlovac, Croatia;

“16C”, GentleJunk NetLabel, with Tin Dožić;


“As It Was It Is”, VMK Zalaegerszeg, Hungary;

“RAD” site specific installation, Esseker Center, Osijek;

“PTP” site specific installation, Spajalica, MMSU Rijeka, Gat Karoline Riječke;

“RecycledArtDome” site specific installation, Hackaton, tehnički muzej, Zagreb;

“MobileArtDome” site specific installation, Silbansko kulturno ljeto, Silba;

“Heat Sounds” sound sculpture @ Wierd Science, group exhibition, Drugo more, Rijeka;


“Sound Art Incubator”, with Tin Dožić and Ivan Jovanovac, Močvara gallery, Zagreb, Croatia;

“Contemporary Sound Night”, with tin Dožić and Ivan Jovanovac, public space, Osijek, Croatia;

“Geek Garden”site specific video installation, installation, with Maja Kohek, Zavod K64, Ljubljana, Slovenia;

“Mobile Art Lab”, on-line archive, group exhibition “Pixelache”, Helsinki, Finland;

“De(kon)strukcija konformizma”, archive, group exhibition at Grad, Goričko, Slovenia;

“De(kon)strukcija konformizma”, archive, group exhibition “Vzporedni signali”, Kibla gallery, Maribor, Slovenia;

“Augumented Reality - Mobile Art Lab”, instillation, with Milivoj Kuhar, at group exhibition “Izza meja”, Scheier gallery, Čakovec; Croatia;

“Anonymous Stamp”, installation, at group exhibition “Izza meja”, Scheier gallery, Čakovec; Croatia;

“Anonymous Stamp”, installation, at group exhibition “Art and Activism”, gallery Praktika, Split, Croatia; “Let Our Voice Be Heard”, media installation, group exhibition HDLUM, Scheier gallery, Čakovec; Croatia;

„Breathing Space”, with Heidi Phillips, 12th annual WNDX, Canada.

2012. Sound performance, with Chrs Galareta, Slobodni festival 6, Mursko Središće, Croatia;

“Culture Robot”, interactive installation, with Ricardo Palmieri, Live, Curitiba, Brazil;

“TextileelectronicSoundz”, ambient sound installation, “Textil{e}tronics” in Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia;

“De(con)structing Conformity”, performance at opening of the “REFLECTION – Ecology of Cultural Landscape”, gallery Scheier, Čakovec, Croatia;

“Welcome Back Ye Annunaki”, video installation, group exhibition at Open Space Artist Run Centre, Victoria, Canada;

Autonomous Interactive Radio, media intervention, Interactivos, Ljubljana, Slovenia;

“Swan”, video installation, with Ana Pečar, Festival Ljubezni, Negova, Slovenia; Artist talk,

“Open Source Art”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia.


“Free Travelling Radio”, media intervention, Radiodays Bratislava, Progressbar, Bratislava, Slovakia;

“FTR”, media intervention, KIBLIX festival, Maribor, Slovenia.


“ART01 – Art operating Systems”, collaborative art lab, with Maria Karagianni, Marian Potocar, Pod P, Pedro Zaz, ConcentArt gallery, Berlin, Germany;

“Un-pure data”, collaborative art lab, with Maja Kalogera, Givan Bella, Lenka Dolenova, gallery NANO, Zagreb, Croatia;

“Time inventors Kabinet”, group exhibition, Grayarea gallery, Korčula, Croatia;

Funding and awards

  Research projects 
    Center for Creative Solutions, funded by Ministry of Culture Croatia, Erasmus + and Kultura Nova Foundation.
    16 channels / 16 kanala,  funded by Ministry of Culture Croatia.
    MAD – Mobile Art Dome,  funded by Ministry of Culture Croatia and Kultura Nova Foundation.
    Renewable Energy Sources in Autonomous Art Systems, funded by Kultura Nova Foundation.
    Transdisciplinarity and Art Lab,  funded by Kultura Nova Foundation.
    Mobile Art Lab,  funded by Ministry of Culture Croatia, IPA (EU).
    ART01, Art Operating System(s),  funded by Ministry of Culture Croatia.
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