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from: Info FreeandReal

to: maja kohek

date: 8 March 2014 20:52

subject: RE: Urban Culture and Education (Croatia) is looking for partners for European cooperation projects

… hi, thank you for contacting us, for your kind words and for your interest regarding Free and Real and the Telaithrion project.

I have already added your email address in our mailing list, so from now on you will be receiving our newsletter

Don't forget to visit our project's website, to download and read all about current and past events on our latest newsletter, and to be informed about the many different ways that you can contribute and cooperate with us. From our end, we make sure that we update our facebook page and blog, almost daily, with photos and other material from our everyday life within the project.

Your level of involvement with the project depends completely on you, on the time that you have available, your openness to share, your interest in sustainability or similar matters, and your willingness to be part of something as different as what we are trying to accomplish.

In the fortunate case that you would like to get to know us better and/or experience in person the life within the project, we are happy to inform you that we accept visitors all year round, therefore you can participate in one of our Open Weekends, or take part in one of our Sustainability Workshops, or arrange your visit regardless of other running events. If this is your first visit you will have to stay with us at least 2 nights and at most 5 days. (if you are travelling from outside Greece we can arrange for a longer stay, up to 10 days)

After your first visit and after having comprehended some of the aspects of the project in a deeper level, we can organize further visits or find different ways to cooperate.

A usual misunderstanding, which is partly justified by the initial enthusiasm of stumbling upon the project, is that “there is an already established eco-community” or that “we are creating an ecocommunity with permanent residents”. The project is still running and is enriched daily with human “bridges” and information, which means that an attitude of “permanency” is not due because it only brings stagnancy to the energy, productivity and the ideas of the thousands of people that are working on the realization of the project's goal, which is the construction of an easy-to-copy modelar eco-community, that will function as a school of self-sufficiency and sustainability, utilizing a continuous flow of teachers, students, information and research.

In other words, the Telaithrion project is not the final goal but merely the beginning of what Free & Real wants to achieve and that is a network of self-sufficient and sustainable eco-communities, of continuous research and actual application of information and solutions, a network that would act like a living organism, based on real human relations, lifelong learning, inspiring cooperation, spontaneous creativity and selfless attitude.

We'll be able to discuss more details on these issues when we meet in person.

Whenever you find the time to visit us, just send us an e-mail to, including the dates you would like to visit, so I can forward to you all the details about your stay. Don't hesitate to communicate with us your ideas, information, questions or suggestions.

Let’s stay in contact

May you have good news


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