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Urban Culture and Education is looking for partners for European cooperation projects –— Call for Proposals CLOSED — Expected application deadline 01.10.2014

(Category 1, smaller scale cooperation projects)

About UKE

Urban culture and Education (UKE) is a non-profit cultural association, established in 2003 in Croatia. UKE is developing a platform for trandisciplinary research in arts and science through participative and collaborative practices. The main interest of UKE lies in the field of open technology, culture and arts with focus on environmental art, socially engaged art, autonomy and sustainability.

UKE is a member of the network Clubture since 2003 and a member of Croatian Film Association since 2004. Yearly UKE organizes Experimental Electronic Interventions, residency program Multimedia Camp, manages net-label for experimental music and sound art GentleJunk NetLabel. Members produce or curate performances and exhibitions - to mention recent Bricolabs exhibition at Pixelache in Helsinki, Finland; Beyond Borders collaborative exhibition at Scheier Gallery in Čakovec, Croatia; Geek's Garden participatory eco art at Zavod K6/4 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Mobile Art Dome at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka. Since 2004 UKE organizes exchange in free and open culture between Brazil and Croatia.

Our interest

Our aim is to develop innovative programs for artists, scientists and other experts that have their focus in environmental art, sustainable art and socially engaged art with special focus on autonomy, collaboration, community, sustainability and new technology and renewable energy. We intent to foster collaborative creativity and transdisciplinary strategies throughout the exchange of artists and their works or ideas.


Each partnering organization develops camp activity resembling unconference style event that develops new structure of the public that actively participates in the program of the unconference.

Possible partners

- Municipality Treviso Italy (project coordinator)

- Gračac municipality Croatia

- Radio Nikosia Spain

- University of Barcelona or Teragona

- gallery Stock Vienna Austria

- Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle Poland

- Plymouth University (Transtechnology Research)

- Zavod K6/4, Slovenia

- Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMSU) Rijeka, Croatia

- Piknik Frequency ry Finland: Pixelache festival & camp

- British Council Slovenia

Associated Partners

- Radiona, Croatia

- La Pulperia, Treviso Italy

- Nina Jeza, Slovenia


1.1.2015 - 1.12.2017 (alternatively 1.12.2019)

Applicant's contact details

UKE is an organisation run by three persons (two of them emloyed by the association) and volunteers. We are currently interested to collaborate on a small scale level as a project partner.


Please feel free to contact us for further information on:

or visit:

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