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Mobile Art Dome is platform for participatory research in recycling/upcycling/environmentalism of the urban attitudes. It is a mobile and adjustable lab in the shape of the geodesic dome. Inviting participants to imerse themself in the process MAD invites everyone to jointly construct the dome trough the building worksop. After learning the basics of Buckminster Fuller, participants arrange their own public lab, according to how much sun light they erceive with the solar panels. Further a lab is used to recycle and upcycle computer parts to build habitat with hanging gardens, sprouting table, salat computer cases etc. Multimedia equipement is there to be used ofr different activities by participants, offering a TAZ, modern nomad settlement, redy to occupy a sqare for a while, offering open technologies as transdisciplinary strategies for possible futures.

Goal of this participatory social sculpture is to raise awernes of the broad public on the environmental attitued acknowledged by combination of creative solutions. Also, it is a TAZ-like temporary meeting place for activists, artists and enthousiasts with interest in bio art, hacking, upcycling and exchanging of ideas and informations.

Their skills, tools and will for sharing process. All equipment and projects are welcomed, while the process will be mediated to join projects in collaborative effort.

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