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Center for Creative Solutions Lika (CCS Lika) is focused on specific area of Lika region in south Croatia where ethnic discrepancy caused by recent war left devastating influence on rural area. Migration of younger people combined with unemployment and no infrastructure is causing apathy and depression, followed by PTSD and alcoholism. This area was mainly agricultural and left without any production or people to take care for the land. These facts influence the falling prices of the land that can cause industrial exploitation and environmental pollution as seen in many similar occasions. This land is also apt to other forms of wildlife crimes such as poaching and illegal sport hunting or exploitation connected to illegal wood harvesting. At the same time, this area offers a landscape untouched by industry or extensive chemical farming, and is as such an inviting place for people that want to escape urban hustle and bustle. CCS Lika addresses these issues through activities that are focused on long-term and sustainable ideas that intertwine arts, science, ecology and sustainable living. It offers heterogeneous and transdisiciplinary solutions through development of three main areas: research, production and community development.

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