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Mario Jaksic in interactive performace suit

Mario Jaksic in interactive performace suit

In gallery Scheier, Čakovec, Croatia, on 05th December 2009, EEII’09 12 hour event brought together artists from Greece, Netherlands, Italy and Croatia.

Blog entry with personal observation >>

ART01 entry describing how EEII’09 functioned >>

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January 26th, 2010 at 10:23 am

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Last Theater Show Ever

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September started with THE LAST THEATER SHOW EVER,  I-Camp theater, Munchen. Idea and methodology was to deconstruct traditional theater trough series of collaborative works where one work was supposed to lean on another, where each participant brings an idea and connects it to someone. International crew came around and investigated for 5 days in what might be called horizontal construction decision making and constant reevaluating of the final presentation that was constructed of three distinctive pieces.

All three were on collaboration but with different input and output models: one was following movements outside of theater and by computer calculations bringing it inside trough sound and visuals done with found (theater) hardware.

Another used sound in feedback communication that deconstructed viewers position and placement in theater, being done under the stage and audience sitting space.

Third one used virtual theater through on-line software with international particiants being projected on theater walls, together with orchestrated individual who brought event there.

Experiment was worth while intentions to discover what are group dynamics when artist are put together to work on something that calls for collaboration and sharing. Not to forget to mention that putting creativity with different bacgrounds into same place can be very frustrating and cathartic at the same time.

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October 10th, 2009 at 12:42 pm

Futuresonic Fringe @ Arcspace, Hulme

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Social Technologies Summit Futuresonic is international festival trying to answer questions of tomorrow: how will we interact with each other and nature around us in future. Futuresonic festivals fringe at Arcspace in St. Wilfrid’s Enterprise Center answered the question trough its grassroots movement created events that hosted, among many other events, CultureRobot installation.

Arcspace is situated in ex-church building that is turned into St. Wilfrid’s Enterprise Center  since 1992  – a unique architecture where insides of the church are transformed into enterprise center for ethical businesses and NGOs. St. Wilfrid’s Enterprise Center is situated in Hulme, an  area near to Manchester city center. Hulme was mapped not only as a territory but also as a specific part of the city with vibrant activist community and a history. ArcSpace was visited by people of different age and heterogeneous needs and activities, exchanging their beliefs, stories and producing new possibilities for exchange and collaboration in spirit of free culture.

Culture Robot installation was created by help of the community from the start to the end. Materials were collected or borrowed instead of purchased or rented, help with programing for interactive part of the installation was done by  friends and volunteers, and installation debuted at Saturday on the open, community day, that hosted events inside and outside the Center.CR 3.0 installation created a new relationship between local community and this art piece. More than ever people were active in collecting material, discussing and managing to interconnect installation with other events during Futuresonic fringe.

CR 3.0 mapped more than just Hulme, it mapped its people, relationships, how they feel about city development, architecture, organizations working with art and culture in Manchester and how financing is a part of the culture and where does it lead culture to, it showed community strength and grassroots development.  During the open days, all ethnic, age, academic and other walks of life were united and exchanged opinions, questions and ideas.

Guerrilla busking was happening in the city throughout the day, graffite artists were spraying on the vans and trailers (an identifiable vehicle in the Redbrick’s area of the Hulme – where travelers and free people of all sorts live). People from recycled biodiesel group, local bcycle repair man, drummers, community artists, foreign guests, local volunteers and experts were united to make a truly social event, creating bridges between cultures, people and technology in universal feeling of unity.

Read “Report From FutureSonic 2009” By Jonah Brucker on

Photolog on Futuresonic Fringe at Arcspace >>

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May 26th, 2009 at 5:36 pm

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New release on GentleJunk co. NetLabel

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Wonderful Industry

WIA compilation of two last sessions recorded at the “Silence Reservoir” venue in Zagreb, Croatia by Impromondays crew:
Dragan Pajic – Pajo: noises, prepared piano, vocals, el. guitar and effects;
Anna Ghallo: poetry, vocals with effects;
Kruno Jošt: el.guitar with effects, laptop, prepared instruments.

Sometimes scary, sometimes ironic, sometimes psychedelic but always elegant and educational relationship of inner world and outside technology specified in rhymes such as: ” I want to have sexual relationship with Bill Gatess” or using actively a passive digital recorder made mistakes and sel-edited cuts.
Recorded summer 2008.
Time: 30 min.

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May 23rd, 2009 at 2:54 pm

New release on GentleJunk co. NetLabel

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Assorted Assault

Alexandre Torres Porres is a musician from Brazil with Master’s Degree in Composition and currently at a doctorate in Computer Music. Interested in many things from Brazilian Pop Music, Erudit to Noise. He also signs some of his stuff under Mental Osmosis and is the newest addition to LiveNoiseTupi.
In this compilation, you will find some assorted productions. He acts as a composer, performer, and gets sounds out of many instruments at his home studio, but really studies how to use the computer as an instrument, for productions and live performances. More on Torres Porres work
Length: 20 min
Recorded at ATP home studio in 2007/08.


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May 22nd, 2009 at 10:45 pm

GentleJunk @ Free Radio: Stanica M.I.R. – StarMali live 2006

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StarMali live @ FRSM 2006

‘GentleJunk @ Free Radio: Stanica M.I.R. – StarMali live 2006′ are live radio shows produced for ‘GentleJunk co. Free Radio’ that is member of internet radio network FRSM in Croatia.

‘StarMali’ shows are live recordings using mostly digital equipment and free and non-free software. Sounds in each session vary from drone, long dreamy sounds, broken beats, clicks and noises.

GentleJunk co. NetLabel release 19/02/09
Recorded during  2006
Duration: 62 minutes


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February 19th, 2009 at 2:50 am


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LNT has had 6 performances since November 2008 until end of February 2009. It is project that was born under exchange of open culture between Croatia and Brazil and established by Ricardo Palmieri, by making PD patch under name od ‘I Love Noise’. Since than history is in making. LNT performed in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Sao Paulo and Sao Caetano. Audio visual performance are bricolage of noise, circuit bending and prepared instruments sounds, improvisation, collaboration with local artists and spoken word on Tupi lenguages, a similarity of languages most of west coast South American natives are speaking.

For your viewing pleasure performance recorded at Sao Caetano in two parts.

Part one:

Part two

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February 18th, 2009 at 1:18 pm