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-Kruno Jošt studied painting at Art Academy Zagreb, Free Direction at Gerrit Rietveld Kunstakademie in Amsterdam and holds an MFA in new media arts at Transart Institute. Using trandisciplinary discourses while researching connections between artculture, new/old technologies,​ humanities and consciousness he works in media of sound, video, performance,​ installation,​ on-line archives (blog, video and photo archives and interactive works). Jošt is interested in culture jamming, artivism, detournament,​ social interventions,​ media hacks, dialogic art and relational aesthetics. Themes he  elaborates are milieu control, protocols, manipulation,​ freedom and systems.+Kruno Jošt, born 1973 in Zagreb, Croatia, ​studied painting at Art Academy Zagreb, ​continued studying "Free Direction" ​at Gerrit Rietveld Kunstakademie in Amsterdamand obtained ​MFA in New Media Arts at Transart Institute, ​Berlin
-He works in all applicable ​media to create a "​social sculpture"​ where emphasis is on non-conventional when embracing ​and initiating creative group effortsRecent exhibits include Concent Art Gallery ​in BerlinNANO gallery in Zagreb, Scheier Galery in Čakovec ​and festivals such as Futuresonic Fringe in Manchester, UK; LIWOLI in Linz, Austria; in Salvador, Brazil; HAIP in Ljubljana, Slovenia; PD convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil; KIBLIX Maribor, Slovenia.+Using trandisciplinary methods while researching connections between art and (its) environment,​ he works in media of sound, video, performance,​ site specific installation, ​on-line archives (blog, video and photo archives and interactive works) and living natureJošt most recent interest is in environmental art trough connections of humansnon humans ​and technologyThemes he often elaborates are autonomy and systems.
-Jošt is acting through GenteJunk since 2006collaborating on multimedia participatory works and in improvised music collectivesImpromondaysLive Noise Tupi and Noise WallHe was one of the founders and editors of magazine for culture ​04 - Megazine for Reality Hackingone of the founders of Internet radio network Free RadioStation MIR (FRSM), and running GentleJunk NetLabel for non-conventional sound and musicHe also initiated ongoing research on exchange ​in free and open culture between Brazil and Croatia and New Media Cross-Border project focusing on cross border issues between ​Croatia ​and Slovenia in new media arts and transdisciplinarity.+Recent exhibits include [[https://​​2018/​11/​10/​mobile-sound-fertilizer-installed-at-stutzpunkt-%e2%80%8bteufelsberg-berlin/​ | Stützpunkt ​TeufelsbergBerlin]], [[https://​​2018/​08/​10/​sound-fertilizer-at-tiefgarage-galery-cologne/​ | Tiefgarage GaleryCologne]], [[https://​​27/​ecocentric-in-rmz-ecoworld-bangalore/​ | MZA Ecoworld in Bangalore India]] ​[[http://​​mobileartdome/​category/​mad-rijeka/​ | Museum ​of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka]], [[https://​​2013/​11/​29/​geek-garden/​ | K6/4 Art Center in Ljubljana]][[http://​​art01/​ | Concent Art Gallery in Berlin]] ​and festivals such as [[http://​​blog/​2015/​06/​09/​invisible-cities-u-goriziji-ugostio-prvu-izvedbu-instalacije-16-c/​ | Invisible Cities in Gorizia, Italy]], [[http://​​blog/​2015/​08/​11/​kruno-jost-i-tin-dozic-s-16-c-na-improcon-u-kumrovcu/​ | ImproCon ​in Kumrovec, ​Croatia]], festival in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; HAIP festival in Ljubljana, ​Slovenia; PD convention ​in Sao Paulo, Brazil; KIBLIX festival in Maribor, Slovenia...
-Kruno Jošt is one of the founders of organization UKE in Krizevci ​(Urban Culture and Education) which is focusing on international collaboration,​ cultural exchange ​and networking ​in new media art. He organizes international art meetings, residencies ​and festivals: Experimental Electronic Interventions (EEII) since 2004 and Multimedia camp (MMKamp) since 2006 and its offspring Free Traveling Radio.+Jošt is acting through [[http://​​ | GentleJunk collective]] since 2006, collaborating on multimedia participatory works and in improvised music collectives:​ [[http://​​ | Impromondays]],​ [[http://​​BR-HR/​tag/​livenoietupi/​ | Live Noise Tupi]] and Noise Wall. He was one of the founders ​and editors ​of magazine for culture 04 - [[https://​​04_megazine | Megazine for Reality Hacking]], one of the founders of Internet radio network "Free Radio: Station MIR (FRSM)",​ and running [[http://​​ | GentleJunk NetLabel]] for non-conventional sound and music. He also initiated ongoing research on exchange in [[http://​​BR-HR/​ | Free and Open Culture ​Between Brazil ​and Croatia]] and New Media Cross-Border project ​focusing on cross border issues between Croatia ​and Slovenia ​in new media arts and transdisciplinarity.
-He received Croatian Ministry of Culture award for best collaborative electronic audio work in 2007 and first prize for best locative collaborative work at festival in Belo Horizonte in Brazil 2009. +Jošt is one of the founders of Culture and Education Association (UKE) which is focusing on international collaboration,​ cultural exchange and networking. UKE works on organizing international art meetings, art camps, volonteer projects, art residencies and festivals: [[http://​​EEII/​ | Experimental Electronic Interventions]] (EEII) since 2004 and [[http://​ | Multimedia camp]] (MMKamp) since 2006 and its offspring [[http://​​tag/​free-traveling-radio/​ | Free Traveling Radio]]. 
 +He received Croatian Ministry of Culture award for best collaborative electronic audio work in 2007 and first prize for best locative collaborative work at [[http://​​BR-HR/​culturerobot-40-won-artemov-1st-prize-for-locative-media-competition/​ | festival in Belo Horizonte]] in Brazil 2009. He received many national and international grants including Donau University Krems grant for years 2008 to 2010. Research grants include [[http://​​projects/​doku.php?​id=oieaus | OIEAUS]] for relation of art and renewable energy and [[http://​​projects/​doku.php?​id=mobile_art_dome | Mobile Art Dome]] for mobile hybrid cultural surrounding .  
 +At the moment Jošt is interested in off-the-grid aesthetics in connection to art, working on establishing Center for Creative Solutions - art work that questions positions of de-growth, environment with DIY aesthetics
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