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 +19.-21. 08. Astronomy Nights - see moon, Saturn and supernovas up close, from safe distance of Deringaj.
 **Hackathon '​Suptilne tehnologije – bio-elektroničke dimenzije** **Hackathon '​Suptilne tehnologije – bio-elektroničke dimenzije**
 http://​​hackathon-subtle-technologies-no-2-deringaj/​ http://​​hackathon-subtle-technologies-no-2-deringaj/​
 **UKE, Mobile Art Dome workshops** **UKE, Mobile Art Dome workshops**
-[[natural building (straw bale construction) workshop]] ​+Free Traveling Radio - pirate radio
-diy showers ​+Recycled Art Dome - recycling/​upcycling
-rocket stove / rocket mass heater  +Renewable Sources ​water, sun..
- +
-diy toilets  +
- +
-Pirate radio +
- +
-Recycled Art Dome recycling/​upcycling+
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