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 [[ http://​​ | Blog ]] [[ http://​​ | Blog ]]
-[[https://​​MmKamp13?​fref=ts |Social ​ ]] 
 +MMK16 is an international (extended/​hybrid) cultural event taking place at the eco-camp in [[ http://​​map=14/​44.3828/​15.6751&​layers=N| Lovinac ]] during July and August 2016. MMK16 invites artist, activists, environmentalists,​ common-ists and survivalists to gather around the theme “Future Environments”. MMK16 combines research, experiment and workshops with creative thinking and environmental consciousness using transdisciplinary strategies and collaborative efforts. MMK16 hosts three artist in residence project with the theme sound and environment. ​
-[[https://​​forms/​d/​138vqNr8Ii0oGU8Um2yZQ-h3SUuK9kfPBhKUbFvAbamI/​viewform?​usp=send_form |On-line camp registrations]]+Karl Heinz Jeron is coming from Berlin to collaborate with Kruno Jošt on interactive sound sculpture "​Lovinac Singing Pole" (Lovinačke pjevajuče pole)Residenci takes place in Culture House Lovinac and Center for Creative Solutions in Rasoja some 2 km awayJeron and Jošt will collaborate during month of August to produce a sculpture that will be presented on the Days of Potatoes ​a local yearly potato event.
-MMK16 is an international (extended/​hybrid) cultural event taking place at the eco-camp ​in [[ http://​​map=14/​44.3828/​15.6751&​layers=N| Lovinac ]] during July and August 2016. MMK16 invites artistactivists, environmentalists,​ common-ists and survivalists to gather around ​the theme “Future Environments”MMK16 combines ​researchexperiment and workshops with creative thinking ​and environmental consciousness using transdisciplinary strategies ​and collaborative efforts+ 
 +Gijs Borstlap ​is coming from Amsterdam and staying for one month at C4CS in Rasojacamping in the wildHis primary concern is to research ​his inner world trough an experiment: by putting himself deliberately into sort of escapist ​and survivalist situation, distancing himself from the city. he is sound engineer ​and his primary interests are to observe sounds ​and its connections to everyday environment. ​  
 +Tin Dožić is coming for only a week residency to Culture House Lovinac for the purpose to further develop a work on 16 channels sound installation
 Have a look at MMK activities since 2006. on http://​ Have a look at MMK activities since 2006. on http://​
-<​html>​ <img src="​https://​​5563/14773951458_661830e8db_z.jpg">​ </​html>​+<​html>​ <img src="​https://​​9/8827/​28313275576_6e8959c906_c.jpg">​ </​html>​
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 ====== ACTIVITIES ====== ====== ACTIVITIES ======
-TBA+Gijs Borstlap residency - 23 June - 23 July. 
 +Karl heinz Jaron residency - 05th - 25 August. 
 +Tin Dožić residency - 17th - 27th August.  
 +4th August - presentation Eco Art Youth project and exhibition at Culture House. 
 +Late July MMK visits [[ https://​​index.php/​LikaCamp2016#​Arrival_times | Lika Camp in Gubavčevo polje  ]].  
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