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On-line camp registrations

MMK15 is an international (extended/hybrid) cultural event taking place at the eco-camp in Lovinac during July and August 2015. MMK15 invites artist, activists, environmentalists, common-ists and survivalists to gather around the theme “Future Environments”. MMK15 combines research, experiment and workshops with creative thinking and environmental consciousness using transdisciplinary strategies and collaborative efforts.

Have a look at MMK activities since 2006. on


Croatia, region of Lika, Lovinac.


Photos of the area

Coming with the train

Gospić and Gračac have a train station that is connected to Split and Zagreb. Both cities are some 30 km from Lovinac

Consult travel itinerary

Call 00 385 95 81 444 15 if you like to be picked up from the station by our shuttle. Cost is 10 €.

Coming with the bus

Gospić and Gračac have a bus station that is connected to major cities - Zagreb, Split and Zadar. Bus stations are some 30 km from Lovinac

Consult travel itinerary

Call 00 385 95 81 444 15 if you like to be picked up from the bus station by our shuttle. Cost is 10 €.

Coming with aeroplane

The closest airport is Zadar, from which there is a bus to Gračac.

There is a bus from Zadar to Gračac.

Call 00 385 95 81 444 15 if you like to be picked up from the station by our shuttle. Cost is 25 €.

Coming with car or bike

From Zagreb direction: “old road” coming form direction of Plitvice turn to Gospić at roundabout in Graćac. Some 30 km and turn right to Lovinac. When in Lovinac, before school, at only pub in the city, turn right, drive for 2 km, left to MMK.

If taking highway from Zagreb to Split, exit at Sveti Rok, turn towards Graćac, after 5 km turn left to Lovinac, follow the sign.

From Zadar: at the roundabout in Gračac, turn left (third exit) towards Gospić. After some 30 km turn right to Lovinac. When in Lovinac, before school, at only pub in the city, turn right, drive for 2 km, left to MMK.

If taking highway exit at Sveti Rok, turn toward Graćac and after 5 km turn left to Lovinac. When in Lovinac, before school, at only pub in the city, turn right, drive for 2 km, left to MMK.


MMK15 has all-summer flexible dates between 01st July to 01st September 2015.

Specific dates find in Activities section.


Tiny House Workshop

10 days workshop introduces the idea of ingenious small house on the wheels in Croatian style. Workshop is covering questions: how to start, what do you need, what to scavenge, what to buy, how to downsize, where to save, what is comfort, why creativity saves life…

Workshop is lead by a group of enthusiasts that are sharing their experiences. This workshop leads us to realizing how to downsize our needs in amount of space and how to creatively invest in comfortable and healthy living. It also teaches how to build a house without a mortgages or bank loans. If you are interested in building a community, creating a movable home, hands on work with the wood, brainstorming on downsizing solutions, sharing personal views, this is a place for you.


1. - 22. July

7 Days Art and Environment Course on "Future Environments"

Series of workshops that include recycling, upcycling, ecology, renewable energy together with creativity and art using transdsciplinary strategies.


23. - 29. July

Geek Garden

Turn your computer waste into nutritious food growing accessories.

Geodesic Dome Workshop

Participants are getting first hand experience in building 8 meter geodesic dome - its architecture, philosophy of Bucky Fuller and practical uses. Geo dome is following architectural principles of “less for more” philosophy, where building material is preserved as well as energy consumption (heating especially).

Impro Sound Evenings

Ad hoc, solo or group, sound improvisations. Self made, eco-friendly instruments are welcomed.

Art Cross-Pollination on the theme "Future Environements"

Cross-pollination between multimedia artists and painters resulting in an exhibition on 01st of August at Art&Culture House Lovinac.

Hipster video nights

Art Art Art Art Art short films, documentaries…

Mathijs workshop or discussion session(s)

- Decentralized smart DC grid systems (see

- Sustainability / integrated systems design

- Knowledge vs. sustainability vs. spirituality

- Monetary systems and capitalism vs. the planet

Irena's drawing assignments or challenges

I would like to draw the environment. If people feel inspired they can draw along and I can offer them drawing assignments or challenges.

16 Channels

Creative workshop that includes building sound installation made out of 16 speakers, working on software and sound production. guest: Tin Dožić.

On-Line Presentations and Lectures

Mick Fuzz (and newly born) discussing DIGITALDUCKS and Strawberry TARTS -

Vesna Manojlović - on digital communities, CCCamp and hacklab Amsterdam

Renewable energy workshop

5 days workshop on renewable energy sources


01. - 05. 8. 2015.

World Cleanup Waste Mapper

Participating in Waste Mapper Walk - mapping waste in the area

Rocket Stove Workshop

Maja Kohek and Ivan Radavić will give a workshop on rocket stoves. RS is a device that helps you to spend less wood to have more heat. One can make small ones to cook or big ones to heat houses. A rocket stove achieves efficient combustion of the fuel at a high temperature by ensuring a good air draft into the fire, controlled use of fuel, complete combustion of volatiles, and efficient use of the resultant heat. It has been used for cooking purposes in many energy poor locales as well as for space and water heating.

In the workshop we will make smaller RS for cooking and will be used in the camp.

rocket stove small

rocket stove smaller

rocket stove big

rocket stove bigger

rocket stove made out of bricks


01. - 08. 08. 2015.

Off grid / autonomy / data gathering / batteries workshop

How to live off grid, what are the benefits, how to overcome obstacles? A hardware/software research project into the management of off-grid, autonomous sites. It collects and processes data from environmental sensors and provides remote monitoring, control and automation.

Antonios Galanopoulos is a human born in Athens and living in London. He likes electronics, programming, networks, living plants, sensors, underwater sounds, chemistry, strong crypto and almond oil.


Anonymity/privacy (tor/tails/pgp) workshop

How to stay invisible when everyone wants a piece of you on INTERNET.


Other activities include mushroom picking, swimming in lakes, rivers and the sea, visiting caves, tracking, mountain bike riding, visiting Lost Theory festival.

Groups and individual tickets as well as guide can be arranged on the request.


If you have an idea, workshop, presentation, talk, discussion that connects to art and environment, off grid, autonomy … pls. check our on-line camp registration form till 01th July 2015.


Academy of Fine Arts, Osijek, Croatia

Local self-government Lovinac, Croatia


Camp is collaborative effort so we kindly ask you all to take care of your tent area are as well as nature around it. This includes taking care of trash, recycling, taking care of waste and toilets. Be considerate to plants, water and animals. Give back to the land and camp more than you are taking.

Also, we invite you not to smoke for the period of your stay, but if there is no other way, please do keep cigarette buts closed with lid in glass jars and when you leave take it with you.

Camp fires are optional, please do advise with camp leaders or seniors.

We are going to leave no trace, and we will make this piece of land more beautiful!

Do take extra blankets/sleeping bags, nights in Lika tend to be quiet cold and days quite warm.

Bring your own camping gear including solar showers, knifes, spoons, cooking equipment, ropes, hammocks, 2 way ham radios, flash lights, hiking shoes and other gadgets…

As we are advocating chemical/plastic-free camp please do consider bringing organic/bio shower gel, soap, tooth paste, etc. We will be offering organic/bio toiletries at the camp shop too.


All electricity is produced from renewable energy sources. Small projects, new inventions, experiments and renewable energy art is most welcomed. Electricity is free, but do consider a donation. We advise appliances with low consumption (led light, etc…)


Unfortunately we have not been able to secure sponsored satellite internet. We are on mercy of our 3G/4G connections. Mathijs is looking for solutions here:

so all wanting to help and donate can talk to him during camp.


- fresh fruit and vegetables locally grown from our store

- possibility to have your own fire to cook

- local food (goat milk and cheese, organic fruits and vegetables) - buy directly form the source or our shop

- local restaurants at Gračac and Gospić and road in between - local food, meal for 8 to 20 €

- slow vegetarian food at the camp kitchen - 2 € to 10 € meals and snacks


During MMK we will have:

- camping site: tents to rent 2 € per night (30 € refundable deposit)

- tiny house to rent - sleeping with a style - 10 € a day per person

- bed/room to rent in local eco/etno-tourism - around 15 € a day

- hammock to rent - 3 € a day, (20 € deposit)

_On-line camp registrations


Wolfs, bears, wild boars: wild animals are keeping to themselves in the high mountains. Wild boars swimming pits were noticed around the camp.

Viper snakes: we have been worn they reside in the Lika area, but haven't seen one during our stays. To be on the safe side consider where you walk, keep in groups, if you see a snake do not approach and bother it and all will be OK.

Mosquito: there are few, nights too cold for them. Take some bio-repellent.

Poisonous mushrooms: well, we don't have to tell you not to pick those. We can provide guide for mushroom hunting trips.

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